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World War II:

Remembering Yakima's Hereos

and Heroines

What is your story of World War II?

The museum has begun a project to collect powerful stories of how World War II affected residents of Yakima Valley, in anticipation of    an exhibit in 2021 aimed at educating adults and youth.

We are looking for first-hand accounts of war experiences in Europe, the Pacific and how the war affected those who remained in the Yakima Valley.


We also need photographs, diaries, videos, and artifacts of individuals affected by the war. These can be donated to the museum or loaned for the duration of the exhibit which is planned for sometime in 2021.


A special effort is being made to include diverse communities such as Native and Latino individuals so the exhibit is comprehensive and compelling. We would be honored to do video interviews with individuals whose experiences document personal transformation and change in our valley caused by the war.

We also need money to help with exhibit construction. Any amount no matter how big will be gratefully received.

If you have information and suggestions for reaching out to  individuals or families, or would like to volunteer, we welcome your help. Please contact the museum  at 509- 248-0747, email

                                           or use the form below.

Contribute Information

or Items

Donate money

towards exhibit costs

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