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Alcohol Policies and Permits

The use of alcohol at events is permitted PROVIDED you either obtain a Banquet Permit or Special Occassion License (not-for-profits only) to serve alcohol yourself,  or if you are hiring a caterer, you must ensure that the caterer has a license to serve alcohol.

Banquet Permits

Special Occasion Permits


A Banquet Permit allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Banquet Permits are available online. Alcohol may not be sold under a Banquet Permit. An application can be completed online at: Banquet permits cost $10 per day for your event.

Liquor licensing regulations state: “The event may not be open or advertised to the public to include social media. Liquor must be free of charge or brought by individuals attending the event. No separate or additional charge may be made for liquor, and donations cannot be accepted. The event cannot be for business promotions. Liquor must be purchased from a retail store at full retail price.”

Nonprofits only may apply for a Special Occasion license that allows a registered nonprofit organization to sell spirits, beer and wine by the individual serving for on-premises consumption at a specified date, time and place (i.e. fundraising dinner, gala event, auction, wine tasting).  Any alcohol that is consumed at a special occasion event must be sold by the special occasion licensee. Alcohol cannot be given away.

Licenses are not required if a licensed caterer is hired to provide and serve the alcohol, but all proceeds go to the caterer.

USER shall be obliged to comply with the terms and provisions of such license and failure to do so, or failure to ensure that their Caterer does so, shall be deemed a major breach of contract entitling the MUSEUM to cancel the agreement forthwith and terminate any event in progress.

The Banquet Permit/Special Occasion License must be displayed in a conspicuous place during the event.

A copy of the Permit must be made for Museum records and sent to the museum at least one week prior to the event. Failure to supply a copy of the liquor license to the museum is a breach of contract and the MUSEUM shall be entitled to cancel the event.

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