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Let's Take the Sporting Route:   Mountaineering in the Central Cascades 1949 - 1970

Mountaineering Speaker Series

100 Peaks One Season by Jeff Hashimoto

Saturday March 30th at 7:30PM


On April 5, 2022, the Yakima Valley Museum opened a new exhibit, Let's Take the Sporting Route: Mountaineering in the Central Cascades 1949-1970. 

Mountaineering provides a sense of adventure and daring, risk-taking, camaraderie, and exploration. It shows that those who dare can overcome almost any obstacles while pursuing a common goal.


Mt Adams Adams Icefall Jun26,1960 03A 02

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The exhibit also includes displays on the fauna and flora, the geology and vulcanology of the region, the glaciers, climate and the impact of global warming, and topography.

The climbers and skiers featured in this exhibit are from Yakima, Ellensburg, and vicinity. They made their mark between 1949 and 1970. Many achieved first ascents of the major routes during that period when equipment was still very basic, and there were no reliable weather forecasts. They were true pioneers in the sport of mountain climbing. Those who climbed the same routes after that period owe a huge debt to these early mountaineers.


This exhibit shares stories of mountaineering and the history, geography, and incredible beauty of the Central Cascades, whose magnificence is a  constant source of inspiration, solace, and discovery.


The featured climbers include:  Dave Mahre, Lex Maxwell, Bob McCall,  Marion Hessey, Erline Reber, Gene Prater, Bill Prater, Barry Prather, Tom Hargis, Fred Stanley, Fred Dunham, Bruce Gilbert, Jim Wickwire, Marcel  Schuster and Louis Ulrich.

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