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We are looking to celebrate this vibrant tradition by presenting not just the quinceañera dresses (gloves, shoes, tiara etc.), but all the supporting artifacts; La Ultima Muñea  (the last doll), El Primer Ramo de Flores (The first Bouquet), Fifteen Pinatas, the Chambelanes as well as the father-daughter dance and of course the tiered cake.

Most important, your story! Your photographs or videos, dress, shoes, tiara etc., and what it meant to personally. If you would like to participate and have your items showcased in the museums exhibit, call us at 509-248-0747, email or use the form below.


We also need to raise money to help with exhibit construction. Any amount, no matter how big, will be gratefully received. 

Your cherished possessions may be donate or loaned to the museum for the duration of the exhibit and will be returned to you safe and sound.

Contribute Information

or Items

Donate money

towards exhibit costs

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