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My goal was to create a modern style adaption of the 19th C. Hawaiian Holoku.  Borrowed features from that historic, basic dress include the train in the back, the scoop neck and hem ruffles. The colors reflect the Hawaiian water.  The ocean waves are seen as layers of chiffon flounces. The sheer gown fabric required an underlining as well as a full lining.


An exhibition of Spectacular Fashion Design by

Carolyn Schactler

Couture , an exhibition of spectacular fashion designs from Carolyn Schactler. Some 20 original creations will be on display - eleven of which stand on motorized platforms and rotate slowly, allowing the visitor to inspect every aspect and every stitch.

Over the years, she has created clothing and accessories of stunning intricacy inspired by centuries of fashion. 

For 28 years she was a professor of apparel design at Central Washington University in Ellensburg and exhibited her gowns all over the world winning multiple national and international apparel design awards, including a Best in Show award at the 1995 International Textile and Apparel Association competition.



These amazing falls can be seen on the Columbia river highway near Portland Ore. They cascade from a great height down over ledges of rock in a delicate train of white beads of water. This dress was inspired by the beauty of those falls. I also wanted to design something lovely for a petite woman with a short waist length. To create the illusion of a longer waist length, the waist seam rests just three inches below the normal waist. It is soft and unfitted. The long skirt also helps to create a vertical line. The high neckline supports the five cowls {rock ledges) in back. The waterfalls are shown as strings of pink and white beads. There are 36 strings of 104 beads each.

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