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Yakima Valley Museum is hoping to light up your holiday season with the return of its special event Holiday Lights Extravaganza. Come join us for some festive holiday bling!

Over thirty local charities will be joining the museum to bedeck the museum galleries with beautifully decorated Christmas trees and other festive symbols.

Come support your local charities and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. View over 30 trees and other holiday displays each colorfully lit and extravagantly decorated by an area charity.

Special Event Pricing Applies:

  • Non-Members: $12 for Adults*; $10 for Seniors*; $5 for Children ages 6-18

  • Members: $10 for adults and seniors*, Member children are free


*Each adult and senior will receive $5 back in the form of five $1 scrip tickets to award to their favorite tree or their favorite charity. (Additional scrip tickets may be purchased for $1 each.)


The charities will redeem these tickets for cash. So, come celebrate the season and support the charities that work so hard to do good in our community!

The museum will have extended hours during the event—from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM—so you can celebrate this festival of lights with family and friends. It is a bright way to start your holiday season! (Please note that the museum is not open on Sundays or Mondays)

For more information, contact Susan Duffin at or 509.248.0747.

2022 Participants:

Are you a local area 501(c)(3) who would like to join us?
Contact Susan for details - or 509.248.0747
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