March 28 - August 29

Divergent Voices – Common Ground is an exhibition and project that is presented in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing the right to vote for all women in the United States. The project includes an exhibition of artwork by four Central Washington artists: Deborah Ann, Cheryl H. Hahn, Carolyn Nelson, and Laura Wise and other adjunct programs and exhibits presented by the Yakima Valley Museum.


Collectively, the exhibition provides a weaving together of aesthetics, art making, discovery, determination, and perseverance.  Personal commentary relating to geographic, economic, and cultural influences are outlined in the exhibition and reflect an on-going will to make art; the balancing act that women artists have often faced to make their art is also revealed. Windows into understanding artwork made by these four women, and the freedom to make work, are rooted in events during the early 20th century.

Deborah Ann

Cheryl H. Hahn

Carolyn Nelson

Laura Wise

RSVP for Artists' Talk & Forum
August 12, 2:00 PM
RSVP for Exhibition Opening
March 28, 5:00 PM

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