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Art Exhibition: Not Forgotten

Celebrating the acquisition of over 250 new artworks to the muse­um's collection. The breadth and depth of this collection is a visual delight, a kalei­doscope of color and techniques, reaching deep into the canon of local artists. Many of the works are abstract bright and playful, while others are more serene. 

Artists Include: Ann Marta Bowker, Barbara Smith Gilbert, Charles A. Smith, Carmela Newstead, Cheryl Hahn, Cheryl La Flamme, Claire Edna Hurrey, David Lynx, Deborah Ann, Doug Johnson, Duane Heilman, Gloria Gonzales García, Herb Blisard, Jane Orleman, Jen Borst, Karen Quint, LeAnne Ries, Renee Adams, Roy De Forest, Tim Braniff, Yesenia Hunter, Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield, Jamaica Zoglman, Carole DeGrave, Delma Tayer, Janice Arnold, John S. Barany, Randal Sumner, Suzanne Katheryn Leonard, Timm Wauzynski, and many more...

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