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The Yakima Valley Museum is actively documenting  the impact of COVID-19 on Yakima Valley.

Now is the time to collect these important stories of our community.

We are living through a significant historic event.  Our community is facing issues that none of us have experienced.  We are interested in hearing stories about how people’s lives have been affected. 

Our tradition of balancing the collection of artifacts and material with personal experiences is a critical part of this process. The Museum would like to gather the personal experiences of people living in the Valley and make them a part of our collection to document this period of time.

This first-person record of life during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine will allow the Museum to share this history with people living 100 years from now.

Every story is important. The Museum is seeking individuals and organizations from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and cultures.  Perspectives from a retired couple or school-aged child are just as important as those from front-line health care workers. Teachers or supervisors could also make this an engaging group project!

Stories can be shared through photographs, journals, memes, homemade masks, PPE items made for our medical community, signs and placards, and of course your written observations.  Did you miss an important event, for example a wedding, graduation, or funeral?  Did you or a family member become ill, or would you like to memorialize someone you know that has died?  Did you lose your job or business because of this incident?  These are the personal stories that your museum must gather to be able to document the history of the Yakima Valley. 

Please submit your photographs, memes, and stories to

For object donations, please take a picture of the items and email it to  

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